Business and Financial Astrology for the 21st Century

Look around, Take it in
Know your trends for the upcoming year!
Pat Hardy can identify your energies, trends and
cycles so you can capitalize on the marketplace!

can help identify trends and cycles for you personally, or in your business so that you can capitalize on those unique windows of opportunity! Regardless of the economic climate, you depend on the highest quality of performance and productivity. Learning where you are in your respective cycle allows for optimum timing to make decisions and anticipate changes.

Energies Trends Cycles is a tool which assists you in understanding all the choices and options available to you by evaluating past/present/future trends, current events and forecast analysis.

What trends can do is expand your vision and the concept of how the future can look and feel. You or your business can profit from this unique perspective of trend forecasting!

For the most current Trends/Articles/Newsletters check out PAT'S BLOG.

As we experience this new


you must be able to anticipate

the shift in energies,

the change in trends,

and recognize the peak in cycles

that are before you.


Pray for world peace!



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